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The 60 FDS Oil evacuation unit is a fully operational unit that you will find effective especially when operating a fleet of vehicles, trucks or equipment that utilizes oil. There are plenty of upsides to having the unit, and they are all centered on the operational side and the efficiency setting of the whole oil draining process. The 60 FDS unit is a fully contained system that handles up to 60 gallons of used oil at a go. It is a mobile cart system structured as a 4-wheel wagon cart which means that you can easily drain used oil and translocate the same oil to another destination with ease. So what makes the unit one that you should consider?


This oil evacuation unit has a vacuum generator which is used to drain the oil. The vacuum generator is an effective part of the unit since it is what ensures that a mess-free process of oil draining is achieved. This means you get to clear used oil from your equipment or trucks with ease and at a faster rate since the suction process of the vacuum ensures that lengthy spells of waiting for the last drop are avoided. This guarantees that work vehicles and equipment get back to their operational capacity within the required period.


The unit can be directly connected to drain plugs which make it easier to operate and handle the oil draining process. The efficiency of working with this unit is the fact that its compatible with the drain plugs in the market which makes functionality easier and more efficient. Efficiency and functionality during servicing and maintenance are all that matters since it is what ensures your fleet or equipment is handled with the required professional approach that will improve productivity afterwards.


The 60 FDS affords you the chance to service several vehicles or equipment before draining the unit in a larger used oil disposal tank. This gives operational efficiency in that the servicing process is made systematic and with a definite timeline. Weighing in at 130.6 kg when empty and 329 kg when at full capacity, the unit proves to have an equitable capacity of usability and this is all you need when managing a fleet or some equipment. Have you ever thought of having a larger hose just to speed the oil draining process? Well, the oil evacuation unit comes with a 1”x15” oil hose that has a manual wrap which makes draining and evacuation an easy step by step process.


When looking for an evacuation unit that will serve your needs as far as fleet maintenance and equipment servicing is concerned, the 60 FDS is an equitable and functional option. The service capacity provided by this particular unit is high ranking which indicates a good return in investment if taken up. Get the 60 FDS today to guarantee that servicing and maintenance will take an efficient and fast nature that will prove to be an important element as far as productivity in operations is concerned.


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