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One of the biggest headaches for commercial drivers and for fleet owners is keeping all your rigs up and running. Of course you need to get your product to it's expected destination on time but you also have to look after your trucks. One tool which many drivers use is an oil evacuation unit like the 32 FDS Oil Evacuation Unit from FEMCO.


The 32 FDS Oil Evacuation Unit is widely regarded as "the original" and it's design is ingenious. For those who are unfamiliar with the oil evacuation process it's pretty simple actually. Units like the 32 FDS are able to remove all the used oil from the engine with a vacuum device.


Another interesting thing about the 32 FDS is that it carries fresh oil as well in a separate tank. This means you can pull out and put back in fresh oil no problem at all. You are talking about two tanks for 30 gallons of oil each. This means that you can pull out all the used oil and replace it with fresh oil without missing a beat.


The 32 FDS Oil Evacuation Unit is a pretty stunning piece of machinery for a variety of reasons. Not only does it allow commercial drivers or those in bigger machines the ability to change their own oil without getting underneath their machine to drain the oil, but it also does a far better job than simple drainage. The oil evacuation unit uses suction to ensure that the old oil is fully taken out.


Another pretty interesting thing about the 32 FDS Oil Evacuation Unit is the design of the thing. You can basically wheel around this unit, hook it up to the drain plug, and then keep the mess away from you and from your truck. Then when you return to your home base you can dispose of the oil in a proper manner.


If you find yourself out on longer drives and needing to change oil, don't endanger your whole vehicle and yourself. If you are running a fleet and you have rigs who need attention, make sure they have a device like the 32 FDS Oil Evacuation Unit in their back pocket.


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