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Most drivers usually outsource the simple job of changing vehicle oil just because the process can be messy and time-consuming . If you belong to this group, then maybe what you need is an oil evacuation unit. With this unit, changing oil becomes a simple and clean process. The oil extractor is designed to vacuum oil from the oil pan and hold it in a designated container for disposal.


You simply insert the evacuation wand into the chamber that houses the oil dipstick. The wand in turn connects to a tube that leads to a chamber where the engine oil will be safely stored.


Choose the Femco 30 FDS oil evacuation unit


There are different varieties of oil extractor systems. But as most drivers have discovered, Femco oil evacuation units are the best. Femco extractor units are developed to drain oil in an effective, sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. It’s something Femco has been doing for decades now and with that kind of experience, they are capable of delivering very high quality oil drainage systems.


The Femco 30 FDS, in particular, is a specialized extractor pump which uses vacuum to drain oil from a vehicle to an extractor pump. It can also be used to provide a vehicle with fresh oil. This way, you will be able to change oil fast.


This 110 liter capacity oil evacuation unit is quite impressive. Being a completely sealed system, it ensures that hot oil isn’t spilled in the work area. Whether you’re changing oil in or outside the garage, this helps to maintain a clean working environment. For even greater efficiency, you can use it with a Femco oil drain plug. Simply attach the drain plug to the extractor pump and you’re ready to execute the oil exchange. Since the system comes with a pair of wheels, you can actually move it to wherever you want to perform the exchange.


Why Femco 30 FDS?


The Femco 30 FDS oil evacuation unit boasts several features that make it ideal for small maintenance tasks. Its compact size, the wheel system, and the reasonably high capacity would all be considered very attractive attributes.


Size and portability

  • Measuring 1.27m X 0.66m and weighing just 72.6 kg when empty, the Femco 30 FDS is small and easily portable. You can move it around with ease and even storage becomes quite easy.

Reservoir capacity

  • Capable of holding up to 110 liters of used oil, this extractor is simply majestic. A small, portable oil extractor with a capacity of more than 100 liters; it’s arguably the best deal you could find.

Safety and convenience

  • With a securely attached horse and a shut-off valve that prevents the reservoir from overfilling, the Femco 30FDS is quite safe. You don’t even have to worry about dirtying your hands.


Remember that an oil evacuation unit isn’t just for your car. You can also use it for trucks and even other home machinery such as tractors, lawn mowers, and boats. Contact us today for more information.


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