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Are you looking for a reliable Oil Evacuation Unit to help your business run more smoothly? Utilizing efficient and time-saving oil drainage tools can result in lower cost of operations, and as in any business, efficiency equates to better profit margins. For the difficult and messy job of oil drainage the Femco Oil Evacuation Unit is complete, thorough, and proves itself invaluable for wide-spanning operations. If you require the use of oil or fluid drainage merchandise to effectively maintenance your equipment, Femco is your go-to company.


Oil the Precious Commodity

Heavy-duty vehicles rely on optimal oil-changing intervals to improve their performance, keep their engines running smoothly and to avoid preventable mechanic costs from occurring due to improper maintenance. Companies that base their profits on fuel economy or load-weight realize that oil drainage is one of the largest factors effecting fuel efficiency. The life of the oil directly correlates with fuel costs and vehicle longevity. That is why it is important to find the right unit to fit the needs and budget for a business.


Here is what is included in the Oil Evacuation Unit 12 FDS system:

  • 120 gallon tank
  • 1"x 15' Used oil hose
  • Drainer (attached to used oil hose)
  • Frame (mounted on wagon cart)
  • Vacuum generator (needs a minimum 10 CFM air source)


The Oil Evacuation Unit 12 FDS is the perfect addition for businesses that have numerous jobs to complete. The 120 gallon tank complete with oil hose and drainer offers companies a high carrying capacity for used oil. Purchasers can appreciate the mobility of the Oil Evacuation Unit because it brings versatility and a large carrying capacity without fear of muscle strain. The tank is mounted solidly to a 4-wheel wagon cart and has a frame that is simple to push and move. In industries that focus their efforts on managing time and labor costs, the convenient unit makes quick work of draining used oil from workhorse engines.


Environmentally Sound and Clean Operation

Oil when not properly contained can be damaging to good business and the environment. When oil is drained and access oil spills there is not only difficulty in cleaning up the mess, but also the accident poses a plausible concern for the environment. Proper containment of harmful chemicals is a necessity. Because of its mess-free vacuum generator, Femco's Oil Evacuation Unit 12 FDS encapsulates the potential threat to oil messes and your company's peace of mind. Oil spills are expensive to clean up, the Oil Evacuation Unit is a long-term solution to a prevalent problem.


If you are searching for a product that will benefit your business and garner you time-saving opportunities, the Oil Evactuation Unit 12 FDS may be the perfect fit for your company. It may be just the product to lower your labor costs and up your profit margins.  If you require a fast and mess-free alternative to the usual headaches involved with oil drainage procedures, give Femco's Oil Evacuation Unit a try. Your vehicles will thank you as well!


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